We understand that sometimes students have extenuating circumstances that may require them to be absent at some point during the school year. If your student is absent, we do ask that you clear your student’s absence within 72 hours. You can clear your student’s absence via call, email or note providing the information below:

Your child’s full name

Date of and reason for absence

Your printed name, signature and relation to the student

Your daytime telephone number or email (if preferred)

To clear an absence by call, please call (714) 619-0177 or (714) 619-0245.
To clear an absence by email, email Mrs. Caro-Rebon at and/or Mrs. Lopez-Martinez at
To clear an absence by note, please send in a signed note to the front office with the information listed above.

Please note:
Please see the following link for Excused absences according to California Education Code: lawCode=EDC&sectionNum=48205.

Vacations are not considered excused absences. If your student will miss more than 3 days of school please see Mrs. Caro-Rebon or Mrs. Lopez-Martinez in the front office about an Independent Study Contract. This must be done at least two weeks prior to your planned absences. You must provide a medical note for all medical appointments. Illnesses up to three days may be verified by the parent. Illnesses of longer duration or that are chronic and cause the student to miss school frequently will require a doctor’s note.

All absences not cleared within 72 hours (3 days) will be marked as unexcused absences. Once attendance is locked at the end of the week- absolutely no changes will be made to attendance whether it is excused or not.

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