Anna Ambata grew up in Montana and moved to California in 2011 to pursue a degree in Music Composition from Biola University. She went on to pursue her Masters of Arts in Teaching for Secondary Music Education and credential at Chapman University during the pandemic. She used to work at Disneyland in their Performing Arts and Youth Education Series department and tries to sprinkle a bit of Disney magic into her lessons when she can.  
Anna loves music in all of its forms, but her true love and majority of her professional training is singing. You can catch her performing and recording with Choral Arts Initiative (look them up on Spotify!) and at jazz venues around OC and LA. She also loves to write music and play a variety of instruments, always trying to find new ones to master. She has a deep love of theater and auditions for local productions when she can. 
In her free time she enjoys Disneyland, hiking, practicing yoga, horseback riding, or weightlifting. If you want to know her Starbucks order, an iced matcha latte with almond milk is a solid bet. 

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