Who has performed open-heart surgery and driven a monorail giving tours? Who has fed giraffes, drawn blood from sea lions, and cleaned-up dung from the now extinct Northern White Rhino? Who grows fungus for fun and has worked in a Swedish medical facility that was created by dynamite twenty-three meters down into solid rock? Who has been a blacksmith, a bouncer, a commercial diver, a busboy, and a karaoke host?

This guy!

Born in Santa Ana, I moved to San Diego to attend SDSU in 1985 and stayed there to work and raise a family. The last six years I have been teaching at a PBL charter school in San Diego after spending twenty-two years in Biomedical Research. I have many skills gained from a wide variety of life experiences. Project Based Learning allows me the ability to bring all that technical, artistic, and industry experience to the classroom and I enjoy it very much!

I am very excited to be here at Samueli Academy. It feels like home in so many ways.
I am looking forward to creating beautiful, vibrant, and meaningful work with our students!

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