January 26th – College Bound Program Webinar Invitations to All Students

All students are invited to participate in these College Bound Program webinars hosted by Ms. Monica, the counselor who supports Samueli students. Our students do not have to be a part of the program in order to attend the webinars. Some webinars require students to register in advance.

Please check them out here!

If you have any questions about this or anything related to the College Bound Program, feel free to email Ms. Monica at mperez@boysandgirlsclub.com.

Be well 🙂

Your Samueli Counselors

January 20th – Update on SAC Spring Dual Enrollment Deadline

Hello Firewolves:

If you are interested in taking a dual enrollment course offered through our SAC partnership, you now have until 1/22/2021 to submit your online SAC application and SAC Special Admit google form request. Please refer to this document to see detailed information about these courses and how to register.

If you have any questions about courses offered or other information, please reach out to your counselor.

Thanks, Samueli Counselors

January 15th – Last Day To Drop Class


Good morning!! Today is the last day to request a drop from a class this semester without an NC mark on your transcript.  Starting Monday, if you choose to drop a course, you will still receive an NC for that class, even if you discontinue attending. This is a practice in nearly every college in the country and it fits with our Trust, Respect, and Responsibility motto for you to stay committed to your own goals.
IF you wish to drop a class this semester, please make sure that you have sent your request:
Juniors and Seniors–please send me your request directly and copy your counselor. If your issue is not resolved by the end of the day, I have created office hours today from 3:30-4:30 if you want to talk to me about any lingering schedule issues.  Here is the link.
Sophomores and Freshmen–please send Ms. Dawson your request directly and copy your counselor.
Thank you so much and have a great day!
Lee Fleming – Head of School

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