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As part of a career-focused educational experience, Samueli Academy students take part in an ongoing series of work-based learning activities, culminating with a paid or unpaid internship completed typically during the summer between junior and senior year.

The internship experience gives students a chance to gain real world, hands-on experience, make lasting professional connections, and discover more about their interest and proficiency along a specific career path. Internship experiences are linked to students’ future career goals in order to make learning more engaging and relevant. The business partners who hire Academy students as interns benefit from the efforts of enthusiastic, prepared, and highly conscientious workers and get the chance to train and recruit future employees.

This combination of career-focused curriculum and work-based learning provides a valuable foundation for any career the student pursues.

Samueli Academy internships:
  • Serve as an extension of Samueli Academy instruction and curriculum
  • Hone workplace skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, conflict resolution, time management, ingenuity, problem-solving, and a solid understanding of the importance of written and oral communication, along with an understanding of appropriate workplace attire and behavior
  • Expose students to a career in their chosen field including experiences and situations they can expect
Samueli Academy's internship process includes:
  • Student applies for internship position and interviews with potential supervisor(s)
  • Once the internship is secured, the student works for a defined time period. This is often but not limited to full-time (40 hours per week) for 6-8 weeks the summer after their junior year of high school
  • The student reports directly to their supervisor(s) in the workplace and benefits from periodic supervision and guidance from staff at Samueli Academy
Potential Internship Companies:

The student interns and business partners are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of leadership, professionalism, and accountability. Academy instructors will ensure these expectations are met by working closely with intern supervisor(s) before the internship begins to define limits and goals. This investment of time and resources will ensure that students’ internships offer challenges that are appropriate and meaningful.

Samueli Academy promotes and adheres to the "Gold Standards for High School Internships", as developed by the National Academy Foundation. Click here to read the 10 standards.

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