Engineering and Design Pathways

Students at Samueli Academy choose one of two career pathways: Engineering or Design. Students will enroll in one class per year in their chosen pathway, with some ability to try both before deciding. A career advisory board, made up of industry and post-secondary professionals, meets regularly to review the curriculum and make necessary adjustments to ensure the concepts being taught are up to current industry standards. This Board also provides job shadowing opportunities, career days, career mentors, and internships for all Academy students.

Upon completion of a career pathway, students will have acquired the knowledge, work related experience, and Orange County business contacts to help them gain employment before, during, or after college, and achieve future career success.

Engineering Pathway

Through 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects overall engineering employment will grow 11%.

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) course is a basic introduction to engineering for all students. Students will learn the concepts necessary in order to develop their ideas into solutions that will improve lives. Exciting hands-on learning activities may include data comparison of heart rates, rating consumer products, destructive testing and 3D solid modeling. These activities apply math, science, history and English content from other courses in a STEM experience.

Learning 3D design is an interactive process. Students learn best when they can explore the practical applications of the concepts that they learn. This STEM course has many activities and exercises that enable students to put design concepts into practice. Students create their concepts such as artificial heart components, extreme sports equipment, hip replacement parts, robotic arm components, and musical instruments as well as many others. Ideas become reality in this course.

Design for Manufacturing teaches general manufacturing techniques. Calculations and analysis tools are used to design and redesign student's concepts. This course applies and integrates ideas that have been developed in other courses and generates life-size models and prototypes. Industry standard software and machinery are used to manufacture student's ideas with verification programs to determine the feasibility of mass production. Certification will advance students toward continuing education and career opportunities in the fields of engineering, design and machine operation.

This STEM course provides opportunities for students and teachers to link content together and apply it to solve problems. More and more jobs demand advanced skills, requiring that people be able to learn, reason, think creatively, make decisions, and solve problems. An understanding of science, technology, engineering and math and their methods contribute in an essential way to these skills. Principles of Engineering is a team-based advanced course designed for most students. Students who complete this course will engage in real world case studies and learning activities that focus on the engineering process and making the world a better place to live and work.

Architecture is more than just walls around us. The form and function of the spaces we live and work in are at the heart of how any design comes to life. This course will investigate how the structure is designed and built as well as the layout of spaces between the walls. Students will be introduced to a variety of concepts including green building and sustainable design in architecture. Students will apply the concepts introduced to a “dream home” that they design and model.

Design Pathway

This pathway is not yet fully developed, but can include courses in Introduction to Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Mobile App Design, and much more.

Samueli Academy Employment Forecast 2010-2015

More to come soon on this pathway, so check back often!

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