Career Advisory Council

2015-16 Officers:

Nicole Washington,
Sue Neuen,
Marty Dutch,
Aaron Johnson,

Who are we?

- A group of professionals who meet monthly in an effort to find ways to better prepare our students for rewarding careers.

Our mission:

The Career Advisory Council will actively engage the engineering and design community and the community at large so that students of Samueli Academy are better prepared for careers and educational opportunities that fuse creativity with more technical concepts from subjects like math and science.

Mission goals will be accomplished in many different ways, including providing assistance, professional advice and critique. The Council will assist with community member recruitment, resource development, securing work based learning opportunities such as job shadowing, unpaid and paid internships, organizing and assisting student career related events, field trips, establishing college credit opportunities, scholarships, providing student mentoring as well as professional networking.

What does the Council do?

- We leverage Samueli Academy’s Project-based Learning model and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) pathways to help forge relationships between the school and businesses in the community to help provide students with:

  • Career field trips
  • Internships
  • Career mentoring
  • College credit opportunities
  • Resource development
  • and more!

2015-2016 Major Accomplishments
  • Secured Internships for 115 students
  • Arranged Career Exploration tours to 21 companies
  • Facilitated Career Mentor Groups
  • Helped design engaging pathway projects
  • Organized a Washington State student trip

Click here to download the Career Advisory Council Rules.

Interested in joining or want to learn more? Call/email Nyree Tramble, Work-Based Learning Coordinator.




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