The student activities program at Samueli Academy is dedicated to enriching lives on campus by providing quality programs, through ASB, Clubs, and Link Crew, that empower and encourage student input and participation in various activities on and off campus. Students will develop leadership, program management, social responsibility, and interpersonal skills. The purpose of activities is to help students feel a part of our community and foster passions while developing leadership and life skills. Our values include: Inclusivity, Equity, Collaboration, Respect, and Balance. We strive to enrich and integrate students' leadership and academic experiences in order to educate students to be ethical, socially just, and civically engaged leaders on campus and in their larger communities.

Associated Student Body Mission Statement:
We commit to value each student by being their voice. We bring unity into our school by enhancing and providing events and being open-minded. We also promote student and staff participation with extracurricular activities. As ASB, we devote ourselves to support and inspire students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Samueli Academy values the development of extra-curricular activities and classes for their positive and meaningful contribution to the lives of our students. The student body of Samueli Academy relies upon the positive contribution of its advisors. Club advisors, in promoting their co-curricular agendas, engage in worthwhile activities that positively enhance the life and overall character of the Firewolves student body. To that end, the welfare of co-curricular activities and clubs is extremely important. Every effort is made through the development of activity calendars, online calendars, available facilities, and transportation, to ensure the success of clubs and organizations.

The Activities program strives to:

  • Provide the opportunity to develop socially by engaging in activities which develop and strengthen character, leadership skills, and social skills.
  • Provide additional activities and experiences outside the classroom that broaden the interests, awareness, and knowledge of students in ways that would not otherwise be achieved.
  • Participate in multiple kinds of co-curricular activities organized around the common interests of club members.
  • Develop teamwork strategies through service to each other, the community, and the student body of Samueli Academy.
  • Teach TRUST, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY at club meetings and events.
  • Incorporate various school/class/club activities that reinforce AGENCY, COLLABORATION, WRITTEN AND ORAL COMMUNICATION.

How to Start a Club
ASB Activities Handbook for Club & Class Advisors

Fundraising Form
Club Meeting Minutes FORM
List of clubs

  • Social Clubs
  • Humanitarian and Awareness Clubs
  • Educational Clubs
  • Sports Clubs

Students are an essential resource here at Samueli Academy. At the heart of the Link Crew High School Transition Program is the belief that the older students on our campus are capable of incredible things. Link Crew Leaders are a positive presence on campus as models of resilient behavior, and facilitators of learning experiences, instructing freshmen on how to be successful in high school.

A Link Leader is either a junior or senior student at Samueli. These students are:
  • Kind
  • Have big hearts
  • Willing to lead others
  • Interested in helping others
  • Willing to take risks
  • Positive role model
  •  Enthusiastic
  • Dedicated…accountable to show up throughout all phases of the program during the year

Link Crew Leader-Code of Conduct
Link Leader Handbook

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