Music Program

The Samueli Academy music program prides itself on integrating Project-based learning, musicianship, and growing in our students a deep appreciation for the many ways in which music helps us to express our humanity. There are several opportunities for students to participate in our program through singing, writing, playing instruments. Moreover, students may explore the various careers offered by the vast industry in our backyard, that pertain to music. Our choirs and instrumental classes teach the fundamentals of performing, listening, music theory, music history, and composition, and our after-school offerings give students the opportunity to participate in a collaborative Spring Musical each year with multiple parts of the school coming together to create an unforgettable after-school experience.

Choir and Instrumental Classes Offered:


Choir Pups – 7th & 8th Grade All Levels Choir

Choir Pups is our 7th and 8th grade combined choir class! In this class, we learn how to sing together, and appreciate the music and poetry we are singing! It is a course that will involve warmups, choir music of all genres and styles, and learning how to grow our confidence and mind-body connection so we can sing well and have fun doing it. We will also learn the nuts and bolts of music, music theory, and a little bit of music history. We have 4 required performances a year, and this course prepares you to join our high school level ensembles. 

Choir Wolves – 9th-12th All Levels Choir

Choir Wolves is an all levels 9th-12th grade choir that focuses on singing and understanding vocal music. We learn how to sing better, sing multiple genres and styles, and the music theory and music history behind the music we sing. We have 4 required performances a year, and members of this ensemble have priority for auditions for the Spring Musical. There are many opportunities to go on local field trips in this class! 

Samueli Singers – 10th-12th Auditioned Choir

Samueli Singers is the auditioned 10th-12th grade choir ensemble. We learn how to sing better, have more performance energy, and hone our music theory and sight reading skills. We have 4 required performances a year, in addition to several outside of school hours performance opportunities. Members of this ensemble have priority for auditions for the Spring Musical, and may be contacted for school, City of Santa Ana, or Orangewood related performance opportunities. There are many opportunities to go on local and distance field trips in this class!  

Auditions for Samueli Singers: 

Auditions are held for this ensemble in the last two weeks of May, and by accepting an audition pass for this class, students are committing to a full year of choir class the next school year. Auditions are only open to rising 10th-12th grade students. 

Guitar – All Levels

2022-23 Music Program Calendar

Performing Arts – After-School Enrichment Opportunities

2022-23 Samueli Academy Choir Handbook

2022-23 Samueli Academy Instrumental Handbook

To learn how you can get involved in one or more of these exciting musical opportunities, please contact Director Anna Ambata at

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