At Samueli Academy, we are focused on helping students prepare for college success and life beyond college. While many schools focus on getting students accepted to college, we are attentive to the skills students need to successfully complete college and be prepared for the workforce and life after their education is complete.

Here’s how we do it?

  • Providing a number of Dual Enrollment courses for students to take on campus and off during the school year giving them high school and college credit!
  • Partnering with local colleges and universities to provide student access to course catalogs, mentorship and internships, guest speakers, field trips, and articulated courses
  • Providing select AP (Advanced Placement) courses to give students the opportunity to earn college credits by passing an AP exam and validate specific content knowledge in math, science, English, and social studies
  • Developing financial planning skills including helping students understand the value of free college courses in high school saving on the budget and tuition costs down the road
Projects to Prepare

Modern research has made it clear that having knowledge in specific subjects is not enough for students to be successful in college and their careers. While many schools focus solely on learning facts through lecture and reading/answering worksheets, Samueli Academy puts students at the center of their learning. Students need to be able to use resources, work with others to put those resources to use, and feel confident in new environments like college and work. Samueli Academy accomplishes this through giving students authentic problems to tackle and access to professional adults who can give them meaningful and clear feedback on how they can improve the quality of their work.

Samueli Academy alumni report high levels of confidence in college and strong research skills which is clearly demonstrated by the high rate of college retention:

  • 93%

    Percent of Samueli Academy students who expect to go to college
  • 92%

    Samueli Academy alumni who persisted in college to their sophomore year (54% US average)
  • 85%

    Alumni who would recommend Samueli Academy to current 8th graders
  • 80%

    College-going alumni who said they felt academically prepare

**All research collected by the University Of California, Irvine

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