A Public Charter School for All Students Grades 7-12

First Day
of School

Wed. Aug 14

  • Samueli Academy’s mission is to ignite the passion within all students to reach their greatest potential through a nurturing and innovative learning environment.
  • 99%

    Graduation Rate

  • 92%

    College Attendance Rate

  • 85%

    College Persistence Rate (more than twice the national average)

  • 21-to-1

    Student:Teacher ratio

  • 1-to-1

    Student:Laptop ratio

“I love the openness of the school culture. I feel that I can walk up to anyone and start a conversation. The teachers really look after students. The resources the school provides are invaluable to me.”

Jackie, Class of 2018

“With all of the extra support I get at Samueli Academy, I know that I can achieve my dreams. It has given me the foundation I need to go to college and succeed.”

Kimberly, Class of 2020

“Samueli Academy prepared me for college level work. I’m majoring in astrophysics and have all A’s.”

Alexis, Class of 2017

“I was a foster kid when I came to Samueli Academy. I was quiet and ashamed of who I was. After I performed in a National History Day competition, I was like a new person. I was like a flower blooming in the night.” Leilah, Class of 2018

Leilah, Class of 2018

Public Charter School for all students - no tuition fees. Take high school and college classes at the same time.