Giving – Operational Expenses

As a public high school, we do not charge tuition. We receive operational funds from the state based upon student attendance. However, the amount we receive from the state does not completely cover the cost of the unique features of our school that we have put in place to address the significant needs of our students and achieve the success we are having.
Only 54% of California foster youth graduate from high school. This is the lowest graduation rate of any subgroup of teenagers in our state. Children living in poverty graduate at 25% less than their peers.

We have created an incredible school that is truly different with a learning environment where all students can excel. Our early success is directly related to the additional features of Samueli Academy: small class sizes, one-to-one technology, after school tutoring, work-based learning, specialized student support staff, and weekend remediation classes.

Below are suggested giving levels. However we appreciate any gift, large or small!

  • $250 - Sponsors a student’s extra-curricular (field trips, athletic events) travel expenses for a year
    As well as visiting local colleges, our students receive multiple work-based learning trips including job shadowing and career day opportunities.
  • $500 - Sponsors a student’s summer enrichment program
    Our summer enrichment programs feature a combination of academic, leadership, and school culture activities to keep students engaged and learning during the summer.
  • $1,000 - Sponsors a student's laptop and technology experience
    All Academy students are given a laptop loaded with educational software to aid them through their 4-year journey with us. These laptops are an integral part of the day-to-day instruction in the classroom. Additionally, school-wide software includes Britannica Online, ECHO, and Nearpod.
  • $5,000 - Funds online and hard copy text books for a single class for one subject, for a year
    With all students having their own laptop, online textbooks provide new and exciting ways for them to become actively involved in their learning like never before.
  • $10,000 - Funds an after school program for a year (Art, Robotics/Rocketry, Sport, etc.)
    Fund any one of our after school enrichment programs. Actual cost varies depending on program.

For more information about making a gift to support the operations of Samueli Academy, call or email Carlos Leija, Chief Development Officer at Orangewood Foundation, at (714) 619-0201 or

Thank you for your support!
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